Okay so yesterday started out okay but quickly went off the rails (as per usual) but I’m not going to beat myself up, I’m just going to keep trudging along documenting everything and hopefully adjusting as the process evolves. So here we are at day two. Go me!

Breakfast: Breakfast  burrito with salsa, banana and medium sweet tea.


So far so good.

Breakfast: 3 chicken minis, a medium sized fresh fruit cup and carton (school size) of orange juice.

30 ounces of water

Lunch:  Medium BLT from Schlotzky’s and small bowl of potato with bacon soup and 10 ounce Dr. Pepper.

Nilla wafer cookies and 30 ounces of water

10 ounce Dr. Pepper

Dinner: Hook&Ladder sandwich from Firehouse, bag of cheetos and Dr. Pepper.

So here’s the task I have assigned myself. Good, bad, chocolate, greasy or fried .. I must write down everything I eat and drink each day .. no substitutions, no omissions.

At some point I hope to succeed at expanding my blogging into actual writing and not just logging, but hey we have to start somewhere and this is the ‘where’ that I’ve chosen.

I hope anyone reading this has a strong stomach because it’s likely to be unpleasant at times. Times when I’ve completed a meal and sit groaning in painful disbelief that I just ate ALL that.

I suppose you could call this my literary mirror since those real ones in my house seem to be failing me in my quest to face the truth.